Despite what the programmers at Limbic thought on release day, and in spite of the ridiculously huge day-1-patch, Heroes VII was released with quite a lots of bugs, confirming our earlier statements that beta testing is not as thorough as the testing done by actual consumers. Both the Ubisoft and Steam forums, as well as our own, have been inundated with complaints from disappointed customers. For those of you who are waiting for more stable and polished versions, there is light in the tunnel.


Ubisoft have announced that the first patch is coming soon, possibly some time next week. We think back to the days when Limbic were put on the impossible task of saving Heroes VI, working over night if necessary and taking great pride in giving their customers as good a product as possible. We here at Celestial Heavens agree with the fans' criticism of the game's current state, but also remain hopfeul that the eager gremlins over at the Limbic office can fix it. Our current recommendation is to wait a bit and keep tabs on the forums to see if the situation improves.

We are encouraged to help the team hunt down the remaining bugs by reporting them when we find them. This post explains how you can report bugs, but we also know that the developers are keeping tabs on this dedicated bug report thread in our Round Table forums, so you can report them there as well.