If you are a long time fan of Heroes II. there's high chance that you already heard about it, if not check it now.


Project Ironfist adds new monsters, maps and spells to Heroes II. with help of scripting. Together with a new campaign(s). It all started by reverse-engineering the game in August 2010 by Darmani, who now asked me to help him to allure more people in his team. The mod is now in version 1.2.1 and you need windows version of the game to playing it.

Just before that I recommend you to see following videos, as it's said that one picture is for thousand words, so one video must be, ..even better. Below is link to campaign trailer "Last Stand" and modding tutorials: Introduction, Scripting, Adding New Creatures and Modding the Code.


Who is needed? Let's hear:

"We’re on the prowl for new programmers and web-designers, so if you are one or know anyone with the awesome skill to join our super ninja programming team – please send us a shout. :-)

Send a sample of your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Do you have what it takes?
We’re now looking for the following roles:

  1. Graphics Designer (both 2D and 3D) - if you can turn 4 colors into a lush forest - then you are the one we’re looking for - Join our elite team to be a crucial part of the development of this awesome adventure!
  2. Code Ninja - if you have the talent and speed to dive into a codebase and build new features, or even reverse-engineer old ones, come join our elite group of developers and help shape this awesome Cyborg campaign! Also, did I mention the technology that makes our modding possible is seriously impressive (developed by an MIT computer scientist).
  3. Sound Designer - if you are able to manipulate sounds so well that you’ll be able to re-make retro music in a cool new campaign bringing sci-fi and fantasy into a unique clash - come join us!!
  4. Concept Artist - if you a have a passion for both Sci-fi and Fantasy, and you think you can bring to life the awesome characters and environments we’ve created - come test your skills with us!!

Join us in this amazing campaign to breath life into this awesome sci-fi fantasy game!!!


The Project Ironfist topic in our forums is here, where you may follow its regular updates.

Did I mentioned cyborgs? No? Huge mistake, they are there too!