Dear Heroes,

Limbic developers have worked a lot since game release to brought you a new patch 1.2.

The list of fixed bugs is really exhausive, summary:

  • Fixed Campaign & Scenario Maps walkthrough blockers
  • Improved AI speed and decision making process
  • Improved global compatibility and performances of the game
  • Fixed Load, Save & Autosave corruptions in various circumstances
  • Fixed Skills and Abilities effects and values
  • Many bug and glitch fixes
  • Improved multiplayer experience and stability
  • Improved Map editor feature and fixes
  • Improved Localization in various languages

Players can now download the patch directly from Uplay or via Steam. Size is now smaller, only 3GB.

If you wish to read an official patch note, you can find it on the Ubi Heroes 7 Dev Blog

Dear gamers, please share your impression, most importantly, does it squashed the bugs?