CelestialHeavens wish you happy New Year, crowned with success and health. There's short resume what happend in the land of Might & Magic and related parts:

  • (KB2) Planned release of Kings Bounty 2 was shifted to March 2021, it will be different one, with emphasis laid to cinematic story line.

  • (H3) Horn of the Abyss suffered grief lose of Docent Piccolan, a true reneissance man and leader of the project. Our condolences goes to his family and friends. Due to this unhappy event, Factory most likely won't be released at the end of the year as planned - but they may come with something else.

  • (H7) Heroes project Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer was cancelled but don't worry as it was released as Community Mod, The Shadows over Ashan (TSoA). The Athmos weather systems is still available in separate download.

  • (H5) Legends of the Ancients have Book 3. And you are advised to play Book 1 & Book 2 and as last to install Book 3 and play just it. Quantomas is working on fixing that and also to employ here his new dreadful AI. The project homepage is here.

  • (Ubisoft) Might and Magic Heroes Online ended. Elemental Guardians out of development

  • (Ubisoft) The other ones are still living, and as of Era of Chaos is going they have Christmas - New Year Events, knowing Ubisoft it will be alike in other titles.

  • Heroes Orchestra made two nice last year online arrangments: The Dungeon Arrangment and Snow Theme from H2 and ask for help, you know they cannot make concerts in these times. So I'm resending their links to donate and merch (music CD or Heroes T-Shirt).

  • MadMax did outstanding job with video interviews featuring Tim Lang (Aeolwyn's Legacy developed by Dungeonbytes), Michael Wolf (Heroes 3 Level Designer) and Carl Toftfelt (Songs of Contest, developed by Lavapotion), you can find them all here at our YT account.

  • Verokster did one more GL Wrapper for Heroes IV, glory to him! As a reminder his previous wrappers (H1-3) can be also downloaded here. His Heroes 3 GL Wrapper is already part of HD Mod.

  • (H3) Era reached version 3.2. More about this WoG surpasser here. All ERM help included.

  • (H4) H4ResourceEditor moved a leaps forward, if you are H4 modder try that!

  • (MM) M&M 6,7,8 merge based on mm8 engine continually grows and have recently new graphic assets from jmaster

  • (CIV) If you are Civilization fan, you may also check for H3 and H2 mods where Blake participated and ask him questions. To my knowlede H3 is done and H2 is work in progress.

  • (H2) Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection is thirsting for life, very recently updated by sirDranik (This is a different mod than Free Heroes 2 Enhanced by ciplogic, which we informed about 2yrs ago and it's on hold, waiting for saviour.)

  • (CH) is having its own Discord. waving

We hope that 2021 will be fruitfull for all, bringing new ideas and finished products for these who are making games, as well as for these playing and enhancing upon them.

Let your dreams guide you! gking1