When we were on holidays, Ironfist Team wasn't and they released a new version of their 'Cyber Mod'. Let see what they brought on the table this time:

Download from the Ironfi.st page
Supported OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8 & see the fix for Windows 10 here.

PM Moment11 1024x726

"Subdued and controlled by magical means, the Cyber Behemoths are Cyclopes that have been augmented with cranial implants and cybernetic attachments. With their plasma cannon on their back and their jump powered by rocket boots, the Cyber Behemoths form the ultimate menace in the Cyborg army."
  • New map: "Behemoth Path" - see how one Cyber Behemoth, commanded by a lone knight with some strategic maneuvering, can take on overwhelming armies, and reclaim your family heirloom from the dragon hoard.
  • Opera vocals are back - we are pleased to announce that Ironfist now has full support for CD music, and will work out of the box with CD music when installed on top of the GOG.com version.
  • Improved Map Editor - New Undo, supporting many steps back, not just one like in the original.

    We’ve also implemented a major overhaul of the scripting system. Adding your own abilities and quests is easier than ever thanks to new features such as callbacks, modules, and deep binding. Details of the overhaul are given here, and examples are given in the introduction to scripting

  • And More - Better stability, shorter loading times & scripts support in the map editor. See the full list in the release notes.


"Although individually weak, Kobolds make an attractive addition to any army because of their loyalty and sheer speed of breeding. The Cyber Kobolds have been enhanced, with half of their cranium changed to metal and armor fused to their chest. Their strength has been enhanced, and tests show that, with a thrust of their spear, they can easily pierce a plate of steel. Within the hilt of their spear lies an energy source, which gives their spear a lightning that can strike two enemies in a row."

The Cyber Kobold Spearman. Coming soon to a Cyborg army near you!
Kobold Portrait

Team Openings

Ironfist is recruiting a new programmer. Do you want to turn your C++ skills into new features for one of the best PC strategy games ever? This role may be for you.

We are also looking for players willing to volunteer as testers for our new maps.

Contact homm2ironfist(at)gmail.com if interested in either position.


For original announcement see "Project Ironfist discussion thread"