cq new icoThis is that sort of patch, which is larger. So much, that it changes the game in several aspects and create a new flow, or balance, if you wish. With which effects, till this date, is still being discussed.


The patch 1.4, released five days ago, brought fixes, new "Kingdom Mode" and "Dungeon Challenge". See the full change log and videos on CQ news page. Let see a features excerpt:



  • Dot fusion is now possible, to upgrade your existing awakened creature to 4d you need 4d dupe and a heap of diamonds. It begins on 125 and continues to 350 and probably over. - Good option, although costy. In many cases just farming a new creature could be more viable. But for the rest, this is a life saver!
  • If you were bored there are now three new Quests and it was added Emperor Difficulty.


Kingdom mode

  • More resources were introduced and you get them like regular rewards now. But you can mine them or study scrolls in your Kingdom to receive a steady flow. Nice tips from Avonu are to be read here. There are also bonus buildings for you creatures available.

cq kingdom

DC 2.0

  • Instead of one dungeon, preferrabely with 5 waves, you have now five with 3 waves in Gold Tier and just three in Silver. By filling all of them you are getting bonuses, with last two being Boss wave stun and silence immunity.
  • From what I see in my stats, both defense and offense, players are trying to get comfortable in the new setup but quite many are not yet here. Everybody is farming. smile teeth