Nothing, really nothing could you prepare for this sudden event. The Creature Quest strike violently with +1000 diamonds combo. Let see what they says 'bout it:

cq pile of diamondsBack To School Event!
Log in anytime during the next week (until 8/26/20) to receive 1000 FREE Diamonds!! Summon Creatures, refill Energy, upgrade your Kingdom – whatever you need! Quest on!

That's call to arms! Come and join, there's nice community of players. Look for M&M Guild, to be with us.

But it's probably not so random. The Back to School motto was around already twice, wringling in the air, with School or Hard Knocks and Kingdoms introduction.

 A few tips:

  •  A fool and his diamonds are soon parted.
  • Go for Mantis, Swan, Ant, Rat, Bat, Sabre, Kobold, Hippogryf, Hyena, Kitsune and Nymphs, Dark Elf, Pegasus, Ettin, Walrus, Baboon, Asura, Colossus, Behemoth, Sun-Wu-Kung and Anubis whenever you will have a chance!
  • Save gems to update your creatures fully, before evolving to next levels.
  • Bonuses in Guild Wars counts only for defense. For max offense have fully leveled, awakened and totemized. Units can deal a critical dmg too, that's displayed with a green number.
  • Wait for night to get a higher chance for Killing Blow!
  • Learn where and on what difficulty you can get your resources
  • Upgrade castle and shrines to get BT51 early, ofc, your Legs too. Remember that only Green, Yellow, White and Black can be useful here!
  • White, Black, Red and Blue are easiest to gather resources for. In this particular order.
  • Support your guild with garissoning your army for defense, and at least twice attack and share ship (min level 40) . Sharing is caring and there's a reward for it too.
  • Get bonuses from the shop, upgrading speed points - permanent (3x times for 200/300/500D) -  and getting more exp and gold before you gonna rush.
  • Never invest into creatues below 2 dots. Aim for 4 dots or 3 dots. Below are good for awakening only.
  • Ask you guildmates or players in the game or Discord or in our Forums, if you would like to know more! :D