Not that there wouldn't be any news but it doesn't sound like the important ones. However there are discounts, you know that. Pre-Christmas discounts, Christmas discounts and there sure will be New Year sale ride and after that as well.


Why that?


Because all of you who waited for some decent price for MM:Heroes VII. - your  time come with Digital Release called "Full Pack". Grab it here for 15.3€ if you waited for.

The other pretty much good game in action is Samorost 3, under 10€ - you can made your day with it here. From Amanita Design - they are creators of Machinarium and previous Samorost games.


Yup, this is really an excerpt frome our Best Deals thread. smile teeth


PS Myself I actually tried to get MM:H7 but couldn't, though the pay gate stated that my zip code is invalid. Guess some minor mistake on Ubisoft side. Not suprised, let it passed by.


Yes, we are awaiting of bigger news, hope it will be soon!