Well, you can't say you weren't warned, the time to do battle has come! Are you as skilled and as quick a single player gamer as you reckon you are, or is there some crazy dude out there who can complete a single player the map in 1/3 the time you can? I thought it fitting to start the contest with the map which won the recent single player map-making contest, the excellent Fury of the Elements. Please note that I have changed the time frame for submitting a score so it's a little more relaxed - for this map you have two weeks to get your score(s) in and for larger maps you'll have up to four weeks. Full rules for the contest can be found on the contest page.

Enjoy - and send your scores in, I'm interested to see what people can do! Feel free to discuss scores and strategy in the thread attached to this news item.

Let the battles begin!

Heroes V Single Player Map Playing Contest

This is a Heroes of Might and Magic 5 single player map playing contest. The rules are as follows:

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