With the Heroes V map editor out, it's a good time to quickly review together our map submission guidelines for Heroes IV and Heroes V:

If you can't find a tester, ask for some help in the forums or use our maptesting service. That requirement is meant to increase the odds of having an error-proof map upon publication, even if further updates are often necessary. We reserve the right to reject or remove from the database any incomplete or unplayable map, or any map that contains inappropriate content.

Several Winds of War maps are being tested, and a new map called Circle Sea should be posted during the week-end. If we can help you getting your map published, please let us know.

Maptesting Matchmaker Service Policy

Got a map you need tested? Are you a player who feels like helping out one of the many mapmakers who generously builds maps for the community? Read these rules and recommendations to find out how you can get involved in this important field of the Heroes experience: The Maptesting Matchmaking Service.

What the mapmaker should do:

What the playtester should do:

What Celestial Heavens will do:

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