No, this isn't a petition to get more 'Twilight' books printed (shudder), it's a story about you being able to vote for your favoured H7 Vampire design. By going to the Shadow Council website, you will be able to vote for your favourite of three possible designs: The Vampire Knight, The Night Lady or The Blood Monster.

Two possible innovations here; there is a sword-less alternative, so Limbic may bring back the melee monster we know from earlier incarnations of the series, and there is also the possibility of the vampire being of the female persuation.

The fans have been screaming their proverbial heads off, complaining that the Vampire design shown earlier was both silly and merely a re-hash of assets from Heroes VI. Taking the "advice" to heart, the Devs said they would see if it was possible to change the designs. They did, and apparently it was, so the fans should be happy to see their hard work (shouting at devs is such a strain on the throat, we know) pay off. Finally, then, you can all vote for your favoured design and get something proper into the coming Heroes VII game.

Oh, and there is also a vote on the Lich design. But who cares. Liches suck.