If you are one of those guys who read CH instead of the official Heroes VI page, you are a good person and shall receive your just rewards when you die. Also, however, you may have missed the recent tios on how to fight the bosses in the game. Not that you will have missed out on much, seeing as the servers have been offline more often than me lately, but anyway.

Part 1 talks about boss battles in general, giving you such (actually) valuable tips as what they are immune to.
Part 2 gives you some tips on how to defeat Ahribban in the Haven campaign.
Part 3 gives you some tips on how to defeat Azkaal, in a battle with the twist that the boss is actually you. About time they noticed, eh?

There is more to come, I'm sure. And since you don't pay much attention to the official page, we will no doubt keep you posted when new updates arrive.