This week, a regular Q&A will see individual questions answered by the M&M dev team. The first question was about the new skill system and new strategy. Marzhin, aka. Julien Pirou, answered:
"We already reduced the efficiency of Healing abilities a lot, following the beta-testers' feedback, and the game was delayed to October 13th in order to allow a greater balancing of the abilities and creatures. But of course balancing a strategy game is an ongoing process and we will continue to fine-tune it in future updates, including a Day-1 patch. Of course, if you lose with a faction it might be because you haven't mastered the faction's unique strategy yet"

Today's question was about whether the game is getting too simple. The answer:
"While it's true we streamlined some areas (most notably through the reduction of the number of resources, recruitment system and areas of control feature), other areas are much more complex (such as the ability system, reputation, faction strategies, creature synergies...) So Heroes VI is not "simplified", the complexity has just been moved to other areas compared to previous games of the series."

In other news, remember that the Beta closes tomorrow (September 28th 18:00 Paris time). With 5 weeks of testing and some 140.000 testers doing their bit to improve the quality of the game, one can only wonder at what the final results will be. Stay tuned to CH and the official page for more updates!