In this week's news, we give you this interview with Jon von Caneghem from this year's E3. During the quick pit-stop he made at the Ubisoft booth, he managed to shoot off a few words about his views on the 25th anniversary of the series. Also included are some cool shots of some of the games, ranging from the first M&M game ever created to the one coming out this September.

In other news, the Beta version of M&M Heroes VI finished two days ago. The next phase of the testing begins on August 9th and ends on August 20th.

Meanwhile, a chapter from the Ashan Compendium was published yesterday, dealing with the Haven faction. In it, you will not only find some of the excellent artworks we have seen so far, but also the lowdown on the faction: its general beliefs, culture and value systems; the Holy Empire's history, units, foreign relations and more. The whole .PDF file (8.88MB) is available here.