For those of you who aren't on Facebook, following the developments of Heroes VI closely, there was a Q&A with Xhane, Community Developer for Might & Magic at Ubisoft, on Wednesday. The most interesting bits:

When can we expect news on the two unknown factions?
- It should come very soon. I think you could expect an update in December.

How many [magic schools] will be accessible to each faction? Some will of course favour specifics schools but will the other ones be available and/or effective?
- All schools will be accessible. Each faction will favor a specific Magic school among the others.

There have been mentions of hero customization. We still get "tavern heroes" with their unique bios, skills and specialties, right?
- Yes. Customization is in multiplayer, for your starting Hero. You can still choose other heroes and recruit them in town. In solo mode, the customization is limited.

What is the estimated planned map total for the initial release of Heroes VI?
- We have 24 campaigns maps and 10 multiplayer maps.

If many of the mines and creature dwellings are being retired for Heroes VI (...) how will the adventure map be kept interesting and fresh?
- You still have treasures, artifacts and places to visits. Also, re-centering the game on areas of control and strategy will make the adventure map appealing.

Other interesting bits of info is that map makers will be able to put all the text boxes they want in their maps, there will be both new and old neutral creatures, and some of you will be pleased (others not so much) to know that Ubi are still practicing the use of the term "soon™".