In this release, Ubisoft have publicized their Q1 sales. In short, it's good news.

Estimated sales for the first quarter totaled €160 million, up 93% compared with the €83 million recorded for the first quarter 2009-10.

They had guessed slightly lower (€145 million), but were pleasantly surprised with the sales of Splinter Cell Conviction as well as other titles. CEO Yves Guillemot underlined the "varied and distinct" range of their line-up, a statement we will take as a positive re the chances of a possible Heroes VI release. There's no release this year, obviously; Q2 will be dominated by H.A.W.K and R.U.S.E (what is it with these guys and acronyms?), and there's no time to make a brand new game in six months anyway. What I am hoping for is a certain announcement within the year. That the producer is making money and seem happy with their high variety of games is a good thing.

In other news, Ubi have also released this summary of all the awards their games received at this year's E3. We haven't reviewed these games, of course, but we can certainly do that with Heroes games, so come on, Ubi, get some out there!