KB: The Armored Princess Hero Screen
Remember we showed you a POTD of Aurelain's new flash based Hero Screen? Well - it's here!


This tool, much like the earlier work known as the Skill Wheel, gives you the option of playing around *ahem* with your heroes, experimenting with their abilities to find out which way to go. It allows you to build an unrestrained hero, with no regards for available gold, runes or other restrictions. You can also see how your hero's parameters change when increasing the level.


There are 3 versions: a screen for The Legend, one for Armored Princess, and a Russian version.


  • Compendium of all wearable items
  • Classification of the items according to rank (which is normally hidden
    during gameplay) and cost
  • Ability to see only the items that fit into a certain slot
  • Equipped items contribute to the gold cost, thus giving you an idea of how
    much your hero is worth
  • Equipped items contribute to the hero's main attributes (attack, defence,
    mana, etc.)
  • Compendium of all the creatures
  • Hired creatures represent the maximum allowed by your Leadership and
    contribute to the gold cost
  • Compendium of all the skills
  • Each skill contributes to the total rune cost
  • Compendium of all the wives and husbands
  • Wives can have only the babies specific to them
  • Ability to switch between the 3 hero-types on-the-fly and easily compare
    one to another
  • Hero's level can be changed from 1 to 31, having an impact on attributes
    and runes
  • The changes are automatically saved, so that when closing the browser you don't lose the hero configuration.

King's Bounty Hero Screen