Joining the existing sale of Heroes I, three other games from the Might & Magic franchise are now being made available on Good Old Games - all compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit), all for the price of $9.99.

Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold edition is available right now. For your money you get to download 558 Mb of game goodness, as well as access to a 143 page manual, the soundtrack and a high resolution wallpaper.

Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete edition is listed as a "coming soon" feature, with the manual and soundtrack available along with the 800 Mb download once it is released.

Then there's a limited edition of Might and Magic VI up for release soon as well; and this appears to be a bit of a gem. Along with the 450 Mb download you get loads of extras, including soundtracks from M&M IV and VI, manuals and maps for M&M I-VI, cluebooks, avatars... niceness.

I really like this trend of old games being re-released and made compatible with new machines, because - as we all know - games were better in the good old days...