The word is currently spreading across the web that the former M&M and Heroes designer Jon Van Caneghem has left his role as President and Chief Creative Officer of Trion World Networks.

Joystiq has the breaking story, having followed up on an anonymous tip that JVC had been let go from the company. An official statement from Trion read:

"Jon Van Caneghem has transitioned out of his role as president and no longer holds any operational responsibilities at Trion. His creative and operational roles have been distributed among the talented senior team."

Obviously, we are big fans of JVC here at Celestial Heavens, and although Trion's statement continued that his departure is "a part of the natural evolution of the growing company", we have to wonder what losing a talent of his magnitude will mean for the company. What will happen to the fantasy-themed MMORPG game that was announced last June (and which JVC was said to be developing) remains speculation; it is rumoured Trion will present their first title at this year's E3.