Jon Van Caneghem's new company, Trion, has revealed their new project and announced a partnership with the Sci-Fi Channel. The first game will be a fantasy massively multiplayer online game. Trio CEO Lars Buttler told Shacknews the following:

"Trion's San Diego studio and our platform and publishing groups in Austin and Redwood City will work closely with Sci Fi's creative team in developing a dynamically evolving, massively social, connected entertainment franchise across multiple formats and platforms of choice. We are laying the foundation for an exciting new co-development model between top cable entertainment and lifestyle brands such as Sci-Fi and connected game and interactive entertainment companies such as Trion."

Buttler made the headlines last year when he said that "the days of the console are numbered," and "one more generation of gaming consoles and that is it." For more information about the project, check out this interview at Gamasutra with Lars Buttler and Jon Van Caneghem.