All five versions of the Skill Wheel (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) have been updated based on version 3.0 of Heroes V, which is the release number of the Tribes of the East expansion. Their author Aurelain describes the various changes and improvements:

  • a major overhaul of the skill system, in accordance with the ToE expansion. That means a lot of the skills that were previously available only to a certain race are now accessible to multiple races;
  • addition of the Barbarian Skillwheel;
  • addition of Heroes. You can choose the specific heroes as templates, so their native skills don't interfere with the skill count. Plus the fact that you get the Hero description, which is sorely missed in the in-game interface (Hero selection screen);
  • addition of helpful tips from the Manual. Thanks to the Manual Team, I could incorporate the comments they made about inner workings of the game. Very useful, both for the skills and the Hero Specialities;
  • several design enhancements.

    Edit: The downloadable executables are now ready. They can be found at the bottom of each page. Aurelain still needs your help to find the remaining bugs, so please post your feedback here.