Rob King dropped by the official forum and talked briefly about his work on the Heroes of Might and Magic V score, and how it differs from the previous games:

"The music was based around a couple of themes to be more "Movie-Score" esque..In film the composers typically base the entire score off of 1 or two melodies (Just listen to the Lord of the Rings Scores for example). This is great for linear movies because the whole experience is usually around 90-120 minutes then it is done. Games however can be played for hours which I can agree with the one or two melodies becoming a bit boring at times. The trick is to do it so it doesn't drive you crazy. Maybe it's just me but I don't think the music will drive you crazy in H5. This is the first time we have tried this on a Heroes Game and I think overall it came out pretty good. In the past we would just write whatever came to mind or inspired us."

How does the Heroes V music compare to other games according to you?