We have just concluded an interview with Fabrice Cambounet, producer of Heroes V and Hammers of Fate. Here he speaks about working on the expansion, dealing with the communities of stark raving mad fans and the future of the HoMM franchise.

The interesting bits:

- The HoF structure was decided a long time ago; meaning the dwarves have been planned to return for some time.
- Sadly, the RMG will not be compatible with the standard version of the game.
- Patching will continue, in accordance with the original plan.
- The UbiSoft management is happy with the way the game has been selling so far. I would suggest that this is good news for the series and increases the chances of a continuation, something Fabrice himself seems to agree with:

"Making expansions is a way for a publisher to continue providing content for a complex game (strategy games, usually), and increase its quality long after the initial game was released. So, it does help increase the revenue, but you need to have a success with the original game first :) As it is the case with H5, the addon should hopefully be a success too. It will in turn increase the chances that Ubisoft invests in the future of the series"

Oh, and I think I just gave Fabrice an idea... to make a "Might and Magic Complete" edition... :)

Go here to read the whole interview.