Just recently I had a fantastic chance to get in contact with Arkane Studios who are developing the very much anticipated Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Celestial Heavens organized a short Q&A with Arkane’s CEO and Creative Director Raphael Colantonio, exclusively for our readers!

Celestial Heavens: What was the most fun thing to do during the development? Do you recall any special moments that you won't forget for some time?
Raphael: I clearly remember when we discovered how creating an icy surface made the the orcs slip on it. I think it was when we realized that we were right trying to create a simulated world where everything was possible. This was really fun. Also, the very first time that all the fighting mechanics came into place and that we realized it was actually going to be fun and unique!

Among the questions CH also asked if Arkane has any plans to work on MM10 and Raphael...well, read the full interview here and enjoy! Dark Messiah is expected to go gold in the next few days and will be released worldwide in the end of this October. That is a bit more than two weeks left - have you already preordered the game to receive it as soon as it’s released!?