The Heroes V teaser site has been updated with the first of a series of gameplay videos taken from the E3 presentation. Narrated by Fabrice Cambounet (if his accent is a problem for you, read the transcript here), the footage shows a fully built Haven town and its surroundings.

"What you see here is a fully developed human town, with all buildings completed and upgraded. When you start off you only have a small village that will grow in size and power up to this level. At this stage we don’t want to show much of the interface, so of course we are missing some information here in this town’s screen. But you can see some icons in the bottom right part of the screen, summarizing the main actions of the player when he enters the town: recruit creatures, hire heroes, make a new building..."

The 25 MB video can be downloaded from the official site, in Windows Media format. The sound and quality is much better than what we saw on the GameSpot videos released last May. Expect to see a new clip every week during the next three weeks. The second video will be about the adventure map.