We’ve received a couple of new maps the past few days.

First of is an interesting map from Blue Camel called Walkabout. It’s a medium sized Homm4 standard-map, suited for multiplayer (2 players).
You will do lots of fighting.. lots of praying too, at the altars.. if you visit an altar, make sure not to go outside the altar's homeland on accident, or you will LOSE what it gave you, and the altar will not give you stuff again until the beginning of next week.
If you like the map, you might want to check out some of Blue Camel’s other maps available here at Celestial Heavens.

The second map, by Black Marauder, is an x-large Homm3 (SoD) map named To Hire a Hero III: Trapped! As you can tell from the title this is part three of Black Marauder’s map series, To Hire A Hero
With the news of the capture of Black Marauder and Zendy, the King has hired a new warrior to head the expedition. Grey Pilgrim has been recruited to help the wife of Black Marauder, Anjelika, find Black Marauder and Zendy. Somehow you know it won't be an easy task!
If you’re interest, you should also check out To Hire a Hero I and To Hire a Hero II.
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