Celestial Heavens is launching a new project called Heroespedia. It is an encyclopedic reference about the Might and Magic universe. Initially, it will cover the Heroes of Might and Magic IV game only, but there are plans to expand it further based on the progress we will make. Heroespedia is based on a wiki, which means that all visitors can submit new articles or edit existing content freely.

Why a wiki you might ask? Well, a wiki allows some features that could not be implemented on this site. For instance, readers can easily search the content, submit their own tips for a specific skill or creature, upload an image or insert cross-references. All Celestial Heavens readers are invited to give it a try: edit an existing page to see a sample of the simple wiki code, and use it as a template for a contribution of your own. Editors will review any change, so don't be shy. For more information about wikis, please see the User's Guide. Special Thanks to Terrasque, creator of the Heroes III Wiki, for his valuable assistance.