The kingdom of Sargovin has been overrun by an evil alliance, led by the necromancer Morloch. Garvant, the former king, and his queen Sharwe, have been turned into undead and banished into the world that lies between the realms of the living and that of the dead. Garvant, however, is determined to return to the living and reclaim his kingdom.
Sarvi has sent us his latest creation, a new map named Garvant.
It is a large single player Homm4 map, which requires the Gathering Storm expansion. Sarvi has previously made a bunch of maps that are available at Celestial Heavens.

On a related note, look for Ekshenman's new version of the Commander script in the Script Library. It allows commanders to go beyond the 100,000 experience or 25 level cap and get 6 of 15 skills.