It was announced in a press release yesterday that the 3DO and EA founder, Trip Hawkins, "is entering the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame, joining previous honorees Peter Molyneux, Yu Suzuki, Will Wright, John Carmack, Sid Meier, and Shigeru Miyamoto."

That is surprising, to say the least. There is an excellent forum post at Blue's News (look for post #1) by a former 3DO employee: "As a pc software developer, 3DO was the king of mediocrity. I've never before or since worked for a company that had so little interest in the quality of their own products. Instead, Trip consistently touted the increasing number of (bad) games we produced each year. Amid this slow downhill tumble of product quality, Trip put extra effort into ensuring the continuing failure of his company by abolishing the Quality Control division"

As for the Might and Magic fans, they will remember Trip as the responsible for the desmise of New World Computing and the Might and Magic series.
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