Rakne Fne, a mapmaker of some reputation, has just sent us his newest campaign, The Hundred Years War. The campaign is a co-up production where Rakne Fne has done the mapmaking and scritping, while Longshanks took care of the huge task of composing all the text for the campaign.
In the first scenario in the exciting campaign on the famous Hundred Years War, you are the young king Edward III of England. After three years of domination by your mother and her lover, Roger Mortimer, you decide to take control of the government! Also the heritage of the French throne is uncertain after the death of Philip IV (of France) and his sons. The new king of France could be your cousin, Philip of Valois, or it could be you, as your mother, Isabella is the daughter of Philip IV...

The »Hundred Years War« was a series of wars between England and France that actually lasted for 116 years from 1337, when Edward III claimed the French throne, until 1453 A.D., when the English lost Bordeaux. England repeatedly invaded France on the pretext that their kings had a right to the French throne. As the player, you will play the side of the English from year 1337 to 1415.
20 months - that's how much time Rakne Fne and Longshanks has put into this campaign; a 5 map Life-campaign that requires the Winds of War expansion to play (Rakne warns that the campaign cannot be played with the Equilibris MOD). The campaign is balanced for all difficulty settings and should provide a great challenge, no matter what level of difficulty you decide to play at.

The maps are based on historical facts and events and throughout the campaign, you can visit Red Victory Flags for optional historical information.

Rakne has set up a topic at the Heroes Round Table, if you want to talk to him about the campaign. If you're not familiar with Rakne Fne's works, you can get all of them here: The Science of Darkness, The Gambler, Robin Hood, Luretia and The Economists.