newshornIn preparation for King's Bounty 2 release date (August 24) we created a new forum, for all King's Bounty games. So you can find, the content which was previously scattered in the forums, in one place.

In the About KB2 thread, there are summed all known facts, heroes and official trailers. Including 5 Deb Blog videos, official trailers and Greflet’s song by Raney Shockne.

If you are visting us from mobile, the top menu was extended, so it now covers everything what was in the main menu, which is now hidden for you. For PC it was only extended and there are no other changes.

For all newcomers welcome and take a look. If you are looking for Walkthroughs, Interviews, our Yout Tube channel or just would like to search for piece of information. Very easy is to search by TAG, so you can seek by game name or tool and you will get all articles.

Because of this century of "Spam & Plastic", we do use multiple antispam solutions. From what you see, the first one here is registration question, to check if you are human, check H.E.L.P. next to it for answers, in the linked article.

And second, your first post needs to be approved, after that you can contribute freely ;)

If you would find yourself puzzled, you can write us.

Welcome at CH and our Roundtable forums!

~Truly yours CH Team ;)