MoM2 Mercenaries


There are still things, which I don't understand. Not only the colors but whole style is far from being unique or catching. It's kinda generic.

And this wasn't in Thea, like they wouldn't have an eye for it.

XenoReaver (modder & MuHa Discord moderator) did a nice vibrant colour outfit for Horus. You can compare, original and 2.0 :D

Recently I was playing "Karak", which is tabletop game. And it's much better, when we come to design. A few cards really. But illustrative.

Oh, yes. New MoM2 dev blog is out, you can read it here.

Apart from graphic it looks good so far, but these are really small pieces of info which were published. We don't know much from the whole puzzle yet. ;)

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