Mistrzostwa Polski - (Jaskinia Behemotha + HotA)

Heroes III. Tournament: Mistrzostwa Polski - took place yesterday, the top of the day was final match of Szopa666 vs Venefiz, you can watch it here:
(scroll almost to the end, it's very long):

Tournament was arranged in H3: Horn of the Abyss. Video have english commentary. But let say, that for english the championship would need much more support and advertising.

Heroes 3 Comic Adventures annouced it too :D
(Click to see their comics)

Heroes Orchestra

is slowly moving to Heroes I and II repertoire. Today they released "Heroes I Battle", you can listen to its beautiful arrangement below. With love, from our homes :)

Continuing in AB Walkthroughs

We have two more Armageddon Blade walkthroughs, thanks to ithacor! You can read them in our walkthrougs:
Shadows of the Forest and Seeking Armageddon

Questions for Time Lang bout upcoming game Aeolwyn's Legacy

Max started collecting questions for Tim Lang and his new Aeolwyn's Legacy, come and join with yours there.

Heroes 2 Ironfist

team left here today some teasing images, these appears exactly like ...Cyber Town. Good to hear from them, it was about a time!
if newtown1 if newtown3

Free Heroes v 0.8

Project Free Heroes was resurrected, and it's now released in version 0.8, take a look on the post from sir Dranik. Don't mistake it with Free Heroes 2 Enhanced, that's different project and it's still available here. When being reworked to java.


continues in borrowing his heroes. Ezio from Assasin's Creed was again lincensed to mobile game, this time to AFK Arena. As this become more and more common practice, god bless Sandro and Crag Hack to be just sitting in their own games, even in mobile realm.

Thankfully Heroes Dynasty, which is fourth mobile installement after Era of Chaos, Chess Royale and Elemental Guardians is probably never going to be spread outside of China.

In all these games is typical, that they revolve about Heroes of Might and Magic but pick from there only exclusive patterns. When being quite serious about microstransactions support. The Dynasty so much, that it seems to be not plausible even within China. On the other end, the rest is still adapting to world wide market, wallets, customers.

Did you know? released another "Did you know edition", based on Do you know that towers damage depends on built buildings? No? Check it!

Arrow Turrets Damage ,Lucky Double Strike, Did You Know the 2nd Edition

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FST Human Cavalier

Fanstratics is a work in progress from Gregory W. Fulton (lead designer of HoMM 3).
Scouting the website of the so far quite mysterious project we can spot a mighty cavalier (as depicted in the picture in this article) with arrows piercing the ground around it.

While not much is known about the project so far (except it being in pre-alpha production) it seems to be combining fantasy, strategy and tactics, much like what we see in the Heroes of Might and Magic-series. That in combination with the fact that Gregory Fulton himself calls it "A Spiritual Successor" to the classic Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is enough to get our hearts racing.

Signing up to the newsletter on the website does give us something of a road map, stating that Pre-alpha is next, followed by financing, then going on to Alpha and after that heading into mid-alpha (with possible early access) and so forth.

To receive news from the project, there's a newsletter to sign up to which is found here!

In case you are struck with Greg Fulton fever just like we are, you can check out this interview

 What do you think Gregory W Fulton is up to? Will we see something similiar to Heroes of Might and Magic, or maybe something completely new? 
Can you spot any more references or any hidden easter eggs in the picture? Let us know in the comments!

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New Armageddon Blade's Walkhtrough

New walkthrough for Armageddon Blade, Catherine's Charge by ithacor. Fingers crossed, to be continued. Enjoy!


Masters of Sighisoara Final Saga

Tmos festers wanted for the last, final and mind blowing Masters of Sighisoara Campaign. This is the campaign where all will be resolved, ..or not. If you have time, which you would like to spent yourself with playtesting, you are welcomed. Five maps are planned, first one is the most close to be finished. 

CH | FB | Discord


New CH Discord

CH is openning its Discord mini-chat room, you are welcomed! And here you can check "Guide how to master Discord".

Below you will find list of more Discord rooms :)

Discord Groups:

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Only good things from GoG's Week sale - Kings Bounty (some), Avernum, Chuchel, Cthuhlu! Click on pic to see it all. This is worthy. :)

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EOC Fan Art Event

Time: June 23 - July 7


Contestants who draw SSR units, will have the opportunity to get their work selected as the official unit skin in Premium Card, which may be made into models by the development team and used in the game permanently.
The creators will have the opportunity to name the original skins they made (non-commercial title), and receive the below rewards:

(CH): Rewards and complete rules to be seen here. At EoC FB page. SSR means Legendary, in old words, level 7. Currently there is Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Angel, Devil and Behemoth. For some reason Phoenix is only SR.

Or heroes, it's pics contest after all ;). Another time for Gelu, Solmyr, Mephala, Astral..

LH Fan Art ContestExcellent emoji works will also have the opportunity to be used in official media channels and in-game chat systems.

Event Rules:
1. Based on the prototypes of heroes and units in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, draw your own original piece of art.
2. Entries can be in any form of painting, including character drawing, character emoji, chibi graphic manga, original wallpaper, etc.
3. Please post your entries to your Facebook homepage and Instagram, tag on #MightandMagicEOC and #eocfanart, and @ our official page to notify us.
 [If you'd prefer to not post the entry on your personal channel, you may also choose to post it under the Facebook event announcement to be counted in.]
4. The content of artwork must be positive and conform to the EOC community content norms.
5. Once the event ends, all entries will be examined closely by our official EOC community team and fine arts team. The winning entries will be announced on EOC official Facebook and Instagram homepages.
6. For regular awards, they will be sent to the player's account within 10 business days after the announcement is released. For special awards, the skins will be sent to players once they are completed and launched.
7. Entries are required to include the author's UID, server, username and valid contact information (email address or Discord ID).
8. Entries can be in either electronic or hand-drawn form. For hand-drawn art, please scan it and upload a HD version.
9. By submitting the work, you grant us the permission to repost your work on our official EOC media channels; By submitting your work, you agree to let us add your work later to the game under your name.
10. Contestants are required to remain contactable for further discussions about copyright matters.

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Huge News
A bit silently, in LotA thread, Quantomas announced that his AI is ready for public testing!
To all fans of LotA, if you are interested to see the new advanced AI of Heroes V come to life or take part in the project, you are welcome to join us on Discord.
Prerequisite: you need Heroes V the Tribes of the East standalone expansion, version 3.1. We recommend the GOG version which is frequently on sale for $5 if you can wait. The Steam version of TotE works as well.
The Heroes V fan-manual version 3.1:
The latest AI upgrade:
Make sure to read the included pdf, especially if the download version is a beta. It also has the quick install instructions.

I would like to remind everyone, that this is beta and more is merrier. When you can, please come and help, by playing. :D
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Due to massive state-wide internet outage in Idaho, this stream was re-scheduled to Friday June 26th.


We're getting ready to do a Might and Magic stream at June 19th and people are welcome to send us questions about either Might and Magic or the new game that Tim is working on, called Aeolwyn's Legacy. :)


Does that sound good?

Come join us on Friday, June 19 at 7PM Eastern/4PM (ie 11PM UTC+0 or 1AM UTC+2)

Important info! Tim's site changed, now you will find everything, on his new site Including his latest demo update.

If you would like to speak with Tim about Aeolwyn's Legacy, you are invited to join him at Discord.

At this moment wasn't accesbile but I'm too excited. Check the demo download link, let see excerpt below.

There's a new build of the demo up that fixes some bugs.  It will probably be the last of the demo build for a while as I'm building out the world terrain for Chapter One!  Here's a preview video: (don't mind getting stuck on the roof of the tavern

There's some pretty exciting stuff about the new world map.  Firstly, it's huge.  the full size is 16km x 8km. Secondly, it will be a seamless world.  You'll be able to walk from one end of the world to the other without a single level load (though you may get a hiccup once in a while).  I didn't think I was going to be able to support that, but I've got some tech from Procedural Worlds that's working great.

al demo

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"An Epic Competitive Board Game Inspired by RPG Video Game Classics. For 1-4 Players."

The game is already funded at Kickstarter smile teeth Of course, you can still join. Check in following videos what is that about.

Need to say, that game was first released a year ago, at our small CZ market. So it's well playtested. And now it's being released again, worldwide.

If you would like to test it, you can check it at Tabletopia, see links at the bottom.

Maps are random, pick your hero, and in the end, if you survive, you have the honour to fight the dragon. This will take you time to learn ;)

The game looks great, for US$ 95+ (6kg) box you can get also figurines to paint, for a bit more they offer a STL files to print them yourself at 3D printer. And you can't die here, which comes with a price.


Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is a competitive strategic role-playing board game set in an open fantasy world. Players choose one of five heroes and uncover a modular map full of quests, precious natural resources, and dangerous enemies. The heroes gain experience, learn unique skills, obtain new equipment and treasure, and explore places of elemental power.  

Euthia ToR


ManVsMeeple Review:


ON TABLE Gry Planszowe (PL) review:


 Interview with the game author in czech, use google translate to get a bit from it.


Links:  Web - Diary | FB | Kickstarter | Try it at Tabletopia!

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Era of Chaos team is looking for volunteers to help them polish in-game texts. (Finally! big smile ). If you are spell nazi, please lend them your helping hand.

And also, they are seeking for a new mod. Knowledge of Discord Bot welcomed. Hurry up! Sooner means better.

Original announcements follow below:

EoC: Community Localization

Greetings Lords!
We know how much you value the text quality in game. We have always attached great importance to the game localization. Now, give us your suggestions by filling this form.

Once your suggestion is adopted, a secrete gift pack will be sent to your game account!

Greetings Lords,
we're hiring moderator again! Now we have 1-2 openings for Discord mod. If you're interested in, please register via this form


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It has been a long time coming, but we are finally trying to set up our own Youtube channel for Celestial Heavens. This can be used for news, chats, live streaming, walkthroughs, map strategies and more.

To get this thing off the ground, we need somebody willing to create contents for it. So if you have the ability and time to create videos (long or short) for us, why not give us a shout? You can get in touch with us by commenting on this story.

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