Might and Magic VI

Top Ten Tactics
by David Potts

  1. Immediately work on a Master Water Mage!
  2. Buy non-weapon-based skills for everyone (Learning, Meditation, Body Building) since they cost less than a magic item that would have the same effect.
  3. Get learning to at least expert as quick as possible.
  4. Horseshoes are best used by mages who need a great deal more SP than, say, the Knight.
  5. Everyone should get the bow skill
  6. Essential spells include Wizard's Eye, Cure Wounds, Fireball, Portal, and Beacon.
  7. Always work on a quest. The experience gain from completing a quest almost certainly ensures a level-up.
  8. Don't "spread the damage". When fighting, work on a monster at a time until it's dead. Unlike real warfare, your enemies can strike just as hard when wounded as when at full health.
  9. Shield and Protection from Magic work well when in crowded monster areas to slow down the damage. Ring of Fire works especially well in close quarters with a ton of monsters.
  10. In a dungeon, when in doubt, click about. Check every torch if need be (it can net you 5000 gold in the Temple of Baa, for example