Might and Magic VI

Known Bugs
by David Potts


  • The Key to Gharik's Lab can ONLY be used once. If you use it and then leave the Lab without finishing it off you will have problems! Once you leave the door becomes locked again and now you don't have the key and can't get it again. If you've done this and can't get back in, the only thing that I know you can do is to use a save game editor and give yourself the key again.
  • In the house of Lawerence Alemar in Free Haven (SE of Dragon Tower), the fellow buys temple gongs for 2000 gold. Even if you didn't have gongs, the fellow stills gives the money. This may not happen unless you sell at least one gong first.
  • In Abdul's Resort, one of the people inside one of the tents is willing to buy lamps for gems. Although you sell the lamps to him for the gems, he doesn't take the lamp from you. So you can get many gems for only one lamp.
  • When re-loading a game while on an island (possibly other places), the first time you cast Water Walk, it will act like normal but you can't walk on water. The second time you cast it, you can.
  • Some of the scrolls do not disappear when they are used in turn based mode. Most of the offensive spells like fireball are effected. If you cast them in real time mode, then they should disappear after being used. This is a known bug and 3DO is currently looking into it.
  • At the circus (at bootleg bay) you are no longer able to play the games. You can get into the main tent but you can't play the games to win prizes. The circus at other locations appear to work fine.
  • If you haven't finished the pedestal quest by the time you upgraded but you have started it, then your statues will be all mixed up. It seems that if you just revisit each of the pedestals that you have not yet placed the statues on and touch them all again, then things should be ok. WARNING! Do not touch the pedestals with statues on them, you will loose one of your statues and you then can't complete the quest!
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