Might and Magic VI

Basic Tips
by Crystalion (Snakegod)

The New Sorpigal air expert can be met by clicking up through the floor of the bank balcony when you stand in the right position [just off of the porch] and look up at the right angle [i.e. when the clipping bug, common in 3D games, causes the balcony floor to not be drawn]. I discovered this before learning of the fly scroll hidden there. 

The seven primary stats have a minimum of 1, not 0. So the order in which you do Black potions can net you an extra point in some cases. 

New chars should probably subtract 2 points from their luck at character creation time, since the New Sorpigal +2 luck well will raise everyone's luck to 15 as soon as you get started. 

It is *extremely* important to know that, in stop-time combat, a character can force a potion down another characters throat. A single, easily creatable, potion of restoration, in any characters inventory, can thus be used by any character to cure any other character quickly during combat [except death and stoning]. A more mundane use is to have three of your characters each feeding blue mana potions to your spell caster. This is particularly useful to know if you're in trouble and your water mage doesn't have any of the 20 MP to town portal out. Its much faster to have two other characters make him/her drink blue mana potions and then warp out on the mage's combat turn. 

The sage "I lost it" gives quest items to your party that you once had that the game thinks you lost. I discovered this because its slightly buggy: you can get back Lord Kilburn's Shield after you've completed the quest [and turned the shield over to Humphrey]. 

Pluses to the seven stats don't result in pluses to your hit points and spell points beyond a certain amount. I suspect this is limited based on how high a level your character is, and would like to know the formula. 

The map of Enroth, resized slightly to my 1280 wide desktop, makes an excellent F4 reference. A problem I had early in the game was knowing where to simply walk out of a map region to get to another. Since various web travel tables have been buggy I was stuck for a time just trying to figure out how to get to some places at all. Seeing the overall map with the 5x3 tiles solved that. Also, although you can't fly or water walk past a tile boundary. 

The NPCs walking around are random. I did a reload in New Sorpigal once and noticed a completely different collection of locals than before. 

Certain locations for camping are far more likely to generate encounters when you rest. Probably near dungeon entrances would be my guess for unsafe areas as a rule of thumb. 

Before you can water walk you can at least use the "x" key to jump into the water and then shift run to New Sorpigal islands. In New Sorpigal, after you clear the mainland goblin camp I recommend going NE to the empty island covered by volcanic rock. There are two chests there, no (visible ;) enemies and two NPC houses. One of the NPCs there is a 500 gold to start, 5% of found gold scholar, who gives you +5% experience and unlimited IDing of items. I think he is a good early addition until you can spare points for ID expertise yourself and want the NPC slot back. 

Most of the early items are *not* special, and you can just sell them without paying to ID them first. You can also use items unIDed. A simple tip, but not one that was obvious to me at first. 

Like everyone else I have my own opinions about the best classes, although you should play however/whatever you enjoy, of course. A simple insight into classes can be achieved by asking: if parties could have any number of characters in them, how many and which classes would I need *at a minimum* to be able to, at least in theory, use any item or cast any spell? [hint, hint: the answer is unique, and way less than four, but, of course, more than one].