Chris Thursten of PC Gamer took another look at Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, which was released more than 10 years ago already, back in the days when Ubisoft was trying to expand the scope of the Might and Magic franchise. Referring to the game as "a brilliant murder sim", he reminds us that the game is a spiritual sequel to the excellent Arx Fatalis, and some sort of blueprints to Arkane Studios' very successful Dishonored series. The game wasn't praised by critics or gamers originally, but at times it could be a lot of fun:

"As adventuring wizard’s apprentice Sareth, you kick men and orcs with bone-shattering force into spike traps and off rope bridges. You combine directional movement and mouse swings to lop limbs with your sword just so. You emit fireballs from your palm and watch as enemies, stumbling over the flaming corpses of their comrades, catch fire too and flail and fall."

But PC Gamer also notes that the game didn't age so well in other areas:

"Dark Messiah’s technology is no longer impressive and the world of Might and Magic is not interesting enough to account for the loss. Worse are its character designs, which support a plot that is as derivative as it is faintly embarrassing to re-encounter ten years on. As Sareth you’re a Chosen, somebody running errands for louche wizards, performed with the intensity of actors who don’t quite know how to feel about the fact that they could be doing panto instead."

So Dark Messiah is 11 years old, and before long Heroes III will celebrate its 20th aniversary. We are not getting any younger, are we?

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