After years of waiting there's finaly available Book III. This is because LotA team revived in previous year and got aboard new member - mctronic. Congrats!

And if you would be interested, contact them. They are still looking for a new volunteers, to create and test maps. Book IV is ahead!


Dear CH Community,

The Legend of the Ancients (LotA) team is proud to present Book 3 of HOMM5: LotA.

Book 3 is the work of dedicated HOMM fans that started around 2008-2009.

Book 3 features innovative ideas not seen in the previous books of LotA and in all HOMM5 Campaigns (to the best of our knowledge), and also features themes from previous games in the M&M Universe.

We are hopeful that you will enjoy playing the campaign as much as it was for the LotA team to implement it.

Please note the following for Book 3 of HOMM5: LotA:

1) It is only compatible with version 3.1;
2) Make sure that the option "No EyeCandies" is left unchecked; and
3) The game has been tested on Hard difficulty (for full AI).

Bugs, comments and suggestions may be reported on this thread.


The LotA Team