Patches for Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Like most games (certainly most recent games of this series), Heroes VI needed patching to be playable, let alone play well. Released with the game in October 2011 was patch 1.1. Since then, several more patches have been released. The first two patches were incredibly large, while the later ones decreased in size somewhat. We encourage fans to share torrents of these files.


To patch the game, you can use the game's automatic Game Updater; it checks for updates every time the game starts up. Running this several times (turning the game on and off), until it says that there are no new updates available, keeps your game up to date.

This strategy, however, does not accomodate players whose gaming PC is not connected to the Internet or those with slow connections. After much pressure, therefore, the developers eventually posted the patches in single-file formats on their servers, available for direct download. The URLs are posted below.

To download the patches as .EXE files, use the URLs below while changing the numbers so you get the version you want; 1.1 ... 1.2 ... 1.3 etc. Make sure you get the correct language version for your game.

Language versions: