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This is my collection of Heroes of Might and Magic files. Inside you will find demos, utilities, and maps that I have found as well as ones other people have submitted. You are welcome to download anything that looks interesting to you. Most downloads will require Stuffit Expander (Macintosh) or Winzip (Windows).


Heroes III Complete Demo
This is a playable demo for Heroes III Complete. Unfortunately, it does not come with instructions, but there is an html version of the manual you can download.
Download: demo -\\- manual


Heroes of Might and Magic 1.1 Patch
This patch fixes some memory leak related crashes in Heroes of Might and Magic.
Download: macintosh

MacMager 1.3
This utility helps improve your spell selection in Heroes II for Mac, because the game currently does not have proper spell randomization in the mage guilds. It was written by Bryan A. Tumbula, and you can see his web page here.
Download: macintosh

HOMM2 Saved-Game Editor
This utility allows you to edit saved games of Heroes of Might and Magic II. It was written by Bill Levay who has given me permission to post this here.
Download: macintosh

HOMM III Map Auto-Typer
This utility is for Macintosh users who want to put the correct resource fork on downloaded Heroes III maps so the system will display the correct icon. The maps will work either way, and it's just an appearance thing. You drag and drop maps onto the Auto-Typer to make it work. I do not know who wrote this.
Download: macintosh

HOMM III Score Calculator v1.0
This is a stand-alone version of the Online Score Calculator that can be found elsewhere on this site. The Windows and Macintosh version were programmed by 'Woo', one of the players in my Rogue's Challenge competition. I wrote the Mac OS X version myself. They are all based on code from the online score calculator.
Download: macintosh -\\- windows -\\- mac os x


The Windows maps are in .zip format, and the Macintosh maps have been run through the Auto-Typer and are in .sit format. However, either map should work on either platform. Also, before anyone else asks, there is no map editor for Macintosh right now.

This was a classic Heroes II map that has been converted to Heroes III. It was used for Week Seven of my Rogue's Challenge competition.
Download: macintosh -\\- windows

Tournament Map
This is a modified version of Good To Go that was designed to be balanced and fair for short tournament games.
Download: macintosh

Ultima Map
This links to another website, but I thought this was a neat map concept, so I'm putting it here.
Download: Ultima Map

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