King's Bounty II was released according the plan of 1C at 24th August 2021. From many reviews it seems to be pushed up a bit, they are however patching it fast. From console's world it seems to be appreciated, whereas from PC, it's a tad worse. To summ up from many reviews:

 + Unique combat system
 + Nice atmosphere, music and the settings
 + Confirmed good tranlations for 'russian' and czech.


 * Unique units, hard combats, you are advised to not lost single one and re-heal after battle for gold
 * Funny dialogues, when playing for Katharine
 * Not so big open world in a fact, it's small.
 * Video stories
 * Moral choices (Not only, there are four different faiths for units and you shouldn't mix them, at least not from the start )


 - Graphic is not on par with today games, neither with pre-release videos
 - Mounting and unmounting is very slow but you may avoid the horse and go on your own, by formal speed walking
 - Sometimes you advance faster than expected by game, so you need to return to 'unlock' dialogs
 - Slow and boring start, first 0.5-4hrs depending on your speed/skills/luck
 - Camera
 - Price

We picked three video reviews, for PS, Switch and last one German, where you can enable auto-translate titles to your language. Judge yourself. As for us, we gather all the news at our KB2 page.