Marcus Pregent, Level Designer Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Might & Magic 6, Part 1

F I N A L L Y 

I present to you, the first part of the interview between me and Marcus Pregent. 
Once again, I want to apologize (I had it recorded at first, but intro got to long featuring me apologizing) for it taking so long.
Editing the video has been quite tough and I've just been way to busy. 

I also want to add that during this interview, I was still dealing with post covid symptoms such as being extremely tired and my head simply not wanting to work with me. I realized watching this video, I was simply looking and feeling "down". 

Fortunately though, Marcus Pregent is a rock and delivers some great anecdotes and stories. You'll get to hear about some of his less conventional working places, the story behind the quite graphic event in the map "Faeries" and it's background.

This is the first part of (most likely) 3 videos of us meeting with Marcus Pregent. What's your favorite part of it? Who should we try to contact next?