We have news everyone!

Greg Fulton's Fanstratics, which he describes as a spiritual successor to the well-renowned Heroes of Might and Magic III just sent out the first newsletter (you can subscribe by clicking here) featuring all new concept art and some interesting news!

We currently have confirmation of the following:

  • Tile based, square grid adventure map
  • Townscape will be full-screen and feature interactive structures
  • Hex-grid full screen battle system.
  • Game is built 3D, but will be presented as 2D
  • Game is built for PC, "no mobile F2P shenanigans"
  • Creatures, factions etc will be familiar, but not ripped off
  • There will be a Map Editor
  • Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King MAY be doing music/soundtrack
  • David Mullich is also a potential candidate for future partnership

Fulton states in his newsletter:

"Nevertheless, moving forward, my goal is to publish every month.  At the very least, I expect to showcase 1 new Troop concept sketch, but I assume there will be new and updated information (design details, production progress, occasional screenshots, community Q&A, etc.)."

Greg Fulton makes sure that he understands that the word "Spiritual Successor" has been tossed around quite a lot, especially with a game like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, but makes sure that he isn't using it for marketing, but as a "game directive".

"Hopefully, as Two Point Hospital is to Theme Hospital... Fanstratics will be to HoMM3."


Fulton states:

"For the past 20 years, the HoMM community has been clamoring for a true sequel to HoMM3.  With Fanstratics, my goal is to give them what they want... and more.  Anyone with any knowledge concerning video game development, knows the opportunities for failure are far greater than the chances for success... but I am hopeful."

Many people have discussed and expressed their dislike of the name Fanstratics, but it will stay, as per Fulton's newsletter.

"All I ask is, please keep an open mind, and give it a chance.  You never know, it might grow on you.  If not, don’t let it prevent you from potentially enjoying the final game.  Besides, it’s only a matter of time before a nickname is coined.  I’m already calling it ‘Strats’."


Fulton also seem to push that he wants to keep the communication with the community strong, which is something, at least I, do appreciate A LOT!


Anything I can do to help?

As of this writing, the Newsletter has over 700 subscribers.  Not bad for an ‘accidental announcement’, but for a successful crowd funding effort, I estimate we will need at least 50,000 subscribers.  Why?  My research shows, around 20% of Newsletter subscribers (10,000) will convert into paying backers.  With some mainstream publicity, I expect an additional 5,000 ‘non-newsletter’ backers.  This turns into 15,000 supporters, which puts us within reach of my low end budget approximations."

You can read the full Newsletter HERE



HammersmithFanstratics - Hammersmith

What are your thoughts on this?
I sure hope that the hammersmith will be mightier than the HoMM III Dwarves, which sure looks like it's the case!


Anyone else feeling the hype?!