Might & Magic: Dynasty to be released!

Dynasty LaunchIf you are inspecting Ubi's activity closely, you couldn't miss sudden appearance of MM:Dynasty Twitter account, quickly filling up with game enticements.

Art was always playing a strong role in Ubi M&M games (Do you remember MM:Showdown?), there's no different.

We can only wish Ubi, to not to forget on the strategic part, bug polishing and players!

Also I hope, spiders won't be presented here, as well, as they were not in EoC. Good Luck waving

The last one says:

The Blood Moon Eclipse descends upon Ashan, and the Inferno demons are unleashed. The war for Ashan begins on UTC 22/09/2020 at 04:00!

Game client pre-download start time: UTC 21/09/2020 05:00.⏰

Again reminding, it's a mobile game with Strategic Turn-based Battles, Build Your Capital City and Multiple Factions™ elements.


Heroes III art by Iana Venge

IanaVenge H3BlackDragonIana Venge published on her ArtStation profile Heroes III illustrations from Dungeon and Fortress, how they would look when beeing done by her. You can admire her work here.

And trust me, there is what to admire ;)

Do not forget, that right up is always her commentary. Something small to taste you can see even under this article

My Comment: "Not only that Minotaur Kings are pretty intelligent, they can be the second most deadly unit after Black Knights."

The Dragon Fly concept is a bit of a similar to EoC one, no what I would prefer, tail shall be a tail only. And one more for horned dragons.

Lastly, if you check her portfolio completely, the most touching image for me is Tea Party. ;)


Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

I would classify it like only touched by Heroes, as well as Warhammer and some other games of the past. Blake elaborated more about it here, in our forums. Go on here, to see more!

What does matter is, that this game stay on it's own. If you like Heroes, you might like this one too. Freshly released by Kalypso games. Looks sturdy and alive. Featuring Necro all the way!

Check these gameplayes at twitch:



There's also soundtrack available, to get the vibe and can be bought over steam or Kalypso Shop.

Is that dark enough?

Have a nice weekend and lots of fun!