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Fortress Town Buildings

Shield Barracks

  • The Shield Barracks allow you to recruit Defenders.

Cost: 400g 5o


Shield Halls

  • The Shield Halls allow you to recruit Shieldguards.

Cost: 1200 g

Requirements: Shield Barracks

Blade Barracks

  • The Blade Barracks allow you to recruit Spearwielders.

Cost: 1000 g 10w

Requirements: Town Level 3

Blade Halls

  • The Blade Halls allow you to recruit Skirmishers.

Cost: 2500 g 10o 3c

Requirements: Blade Barracks

Bear Pens

  • The Bear Pens allow you to recruit Bear Riders.

Cost: 1200g 10w 10o

Requirements: Town Level 6, Shield Barracks

Blackbear Pens

  • The Blackbear Pens allow you to recruit Blackbear Riders.

Cost: 2500g 5w 5o

Requirements: Bear Pens

Fighting Ring

  • The Fighting Ring allows you to recruit Brawlers.

Cost: 2000g 5w 5o 10m 5g

Requirements: Town Level 6

Fighting Square

  • he Fighting Square allows you to recruit Berserkers.

Cost: 4000g 5w 5m 5g

Requirements: Fighting Ring

Runic Chapel

  • The Runic Chapel allows you to recruit Rune Priests.

Cost: 3000g 10w 10o 5c 5m 5s 10g

Requirements: Town Level 9, Runic Shrine level one

Runic Temple

  • The Runic Temple allows you to recruit Rune Patriarches.

Cost: 6000g 5o 10g

Requirements: Runic Chapel

Clan Halls

  • The Clan Halls allow you to recruit Thanes.

Cost: 4000g 20g

Requirements: Town Level 12, Bear Pens

Clan Palace

  • The Clan Palace allows you to recruit Warlords.

Cost: 8000g 10c 10g

Requirements: Clan Halls

Lava Fissure

  • The Lava Fissure allows you to recruit Fire Dragons.

Cost: 10000g 15o 20s

Requirements: Town Level 15

Magma Rift

  • The Magma Rift allows you to recruit Magma Dragons.

Cost: 10000g 10o 10s

Requirements: Lava Fissure