Year 28-40 of the Seventh Dragon: 1st demon incursion – Wars of Fire

The first and greatest wizard of the world of Might & Magic, known as the Seventh Dragon, sacrifices himself to end the wars and repel the demon incursion. To prevent the demons’ return, he seals them in a dimensional prison, created in the depths of the Fiery Mountain. However, from then on, the repercussions of the Demon invasion will echo through the world in the form of sects, cults, and spies.

849 YSD: 2nd demon incursion – War of the Eclipse

A total Eclipse allows Demon armies to slip through a weakness in their prison. Phalanxes of demons spread over the holy land once again, but they are finally defeated by the combined forces of an alliance gathered by king of the Holy Griffin Empire.

The Griffin king dies during the war, and like the Seventh Dragon centuries before, he sacrifices himself to banish the Demons back to their fiery jail.

The king leaves his wife as regent and his first and only son Nicolai as heir.

A figment of his most holy soul is preserved in a powerful artifact: an orb wich can duplicate his final miracle and banish a Demon back to the Fiery Mountain. With this object in its possession guaranteeing its security, the human empire enters a new, prosperous era.

869 YSD: Present day

The Griffin Empire is getting ready for a celebration — the marriage of the young Emperor Nicolai to his sweetheart Isabel.

But Demons stalk the lands once more, and their attack that interrupts the wedding ceremony signals their invasion of the Griffin Empire. Like his father twenty years before, Nicolai leads his army to war. Isabel, however, is sent away to the safety of the Summer Palace.

But soon she decides to enter the war and raise her own army to help her beloved in his fight before it is to late…

In the epic struggle that tears the world apart, the actions of a few heroes belonging to ancient factions will decide on the outcome of the war, and unveil the dark plots behind the demonic invasion.

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