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Manes guard Necklace of Victory
Necromancer near the Wand
Inferno Hero aproach Turban of Enlightenment
Human Hero near Trident of the Titans
Necklace of Victory
Trident of the Titans
Turban of Enlightenment
Academy Hero cast Phantom
Dungeon Hero Teleport Minotaurs
Chain Lightning in action
Human Hero cast Berserk
Arranging troops
Ghost mode
Sylvan Hero on the adventure map
Necro Hero capture the Sawmill
Human Hero wandering
Wraith vs Human Army
Human Hero meet Hydra
Necro Hero meet Human Hero near the Academy Town
Academy Hero in front of the Necropolis
Human Hero meet Hydra
Academy vs Human in Siege Battle
Academy Town
Inferno Town
Sylvan Town
Skeletons join your army
Necro Hero near the well
Necro Hero on the adventure map
Academy Hero on the adventure map
Human Hero on the adventure map
Necro Hero cast spell on the battlefield
Academy Town
Ghost Mode
Academy Hero in the desert
Lich use ranged attack
Inferno Town
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