Igoraki and Bad Wolf invite you to a tour of the towns of Heroes of Might and Magic V. The brand new building section contains lots of information about the architecture of all the factions, including usage and costs.

Each faction contains seperate pages for the common and the special buildings. Even the beta testers will see buildings they might have not seen before. Check it out!

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The French version of the Might and Magic Portal introduces us to four Dungeon heroes. I'm very proud of the English translation I did in less than fifteen minutes, which you can read here. You can click on the images to get a larger version.

Let's hope that the Ubisoft Web team in on a roll and will show us heroes from the other factions as well. Thanks to vyse from the Archangel Castle forums for finding the update.

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The author of the Dungeon guide, Infiltrator, joined the Celestial Heavens staff last week. If you have seen his avatar at the Round Table or his signature on the official forums, you already know he is a talented artist. While the Cranky Hero was on vacation this week, Infiltrator decided to take over and created a brand new comic strip. Blood Work is a four-cell strip that looks like a dark graphic novel. The first edition reveals one of the Dungeon's dirty secrets.

I put together all comics published on Celestial Heavens in a single page. In addition to the early Cranky Hero strips, which you might have missed, the new section includes the two Heroic Heresy strips created by Shadow Hydra a couple of years ago. We hope you enjoy the read.

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The portraits and bios of three Academy heroes are available here for your viewing pleasure. They have been reprinted from the official Might and Magic portal.

Let's hope we will be introduced to more heroes next week.

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The new edition of Discourses of Might and Magic is up. It is the first part of an email conversation Corribus had with Fabrice Cambounet, about Ubisoft recreating a fantasy franchise and how it will be expanded in the future. The second part will be available in a few days hopefully.

The other Discourses columns are On the Ethical Question of Cloning, The Doom of Might and Magic? and Heroes V is Almost Here! Or is it?. The Celestial Heavens interviews can be found here.

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It has been a surprisingly quiet week so far, perhaps because of the Olympics, but Ubisoft gave us a little treat. The four Sylvan hero bios that appeared on the official portal have been reprinted here. I already have a crush on Ylthin, who bears a vague resemblance to Liv Tyler in the Lord of the Rings. Her three companions look especially mean for a bunch of peaceful elves. You wouldn't want to mess with them.

The Dungeon Heroes page has also been updated with the descriptions from the official site. Gone is my own translation of the article!

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The advanced features of the Heroes IV map editor can be a bit daunting, considering the lack of proper documentation. Fortunately, it's surprisingly easy to find some help with scripting, especially at the Round Table's Mapmaking Guild. But if you are looking for a good reference to help you get started, you need to take a look at Thelonious' new guide, The Basics of Scripting. He lists all the scripts found in the editor, describes what they do and how you can use them in your map, and highlights the most useful ones. The article might even provide some inspiration for your next map -- after all, how many maps out there were born with a cool idea with a script?

If you need more help with your Heroes IV map, check out the Celestial Heavens mapmaking tips section. Mapmakers such as Ururam Tururam, Charles Watkins and Vladimir Kuzmanov are waiting for you there.


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Back in late February, Fabrice Cambounet and Corribus started an email conversation where they discussed how Heroes of Might and Magic V was shaping up. The second part of that discussion kept being delayed as Fabrice and his team went into crunch mode to finish the game on schedule. Now that this important milestone has been reached, you can read about the importance of the fan community and how it has influenced the development of the game, Dark Messiah and a possible RPG game, the events that might follow the release of the game and what's up with Fabrice now that the game is gold. It's all here.

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H5 SkillWheel 3.0If there's an area where Heroes of Might and Magic V. is quite different from the previous games of the series, it's the highly dynamic skill system that should allow a lot of customization with your heroes. But with certain abilities having requirements coming from another skill, it's quite easy to get confused and waste your time on unnecessary advancement. A simple table isn't enough to explain how it works. Fortunately, Aurelain, who created the Heroes IV spellbook hosted on Celestial Heavens, is back with yet another pretty utility. The Flash-based Skill Wheel not only provides the icons and the descriptions of each skill and ability, but shows what are its specific requirements.

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