The devs have announced patch 1.3 for Heroes VII, to be released soon, hopefully next week:

  • Fix of various remaining crashes
  • Fix of various gameplay bugs (adventure map, combat and skills/abilities)
  • Fix of various localization issues
  • Fix of various HUD and GUI glitches/bugs
  • Additional Audio and FX fixes
  • AI performances improvements and balancing fixes

I have to admit that support-wise, I like what I'm seeing so far. The game was buggy at release, but it is being worked on is steadily improving. They also say they will continue this effort. This is the kind of thing I expect and desire to see from a developer, and it makes me hope that Limbic can also be put on the job of making expansions once the major kinks are worked out.

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Dear Heroes,

Limbic developers have worked a lot since game release to brought you a new patch 1.2.

The list of fixed bugs is really exhausive, summary:

  • Fixed Campaign & Scenario Maps walkthrough blockers
  • Improved AI speed and decision making process
  • Improved global compatibility and performances of the game
  • Fixed Load, Save & Autosave corruptions in various circumstances
  • Fixed Skills and Abilities effects and values
  • Many bug and glitch fixes
  • Improved multiplayer experience and stability
  • Improved Map editor feature and fixes
  • Improved Localization in various languages

Players can now download the patch directly from Uplay or via Steam. Size is now smaller, only 3GB.

If you wish to read an official patch note, you can find it on the Ubi Heroes 7 Dev Blog

Dear gamers, please share your impression, most importantly, does it squashed the bugs?

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IGN have picked up a story first reported by Reddit users: The Heroes VII Collector's Edition sold in the U.S. (no confirmation as to the status for the rest of North America) contains all the stuff advertised earlier, except the physical DVDs. As Ubisoft have since admitted in their comment, their advertising material has omitted any mention of this missing feature and - indeed - the physical material seems to be made with a DVD release in mind. According to the comment, Ubisoft "are accepting complete refunds from any dissatisfied customers", so that's going to work out OK, except that you won't get the discs, of course. Unless you visit a store and buy them seperately, I guess.

You can read all these stories and even comment in our forum but I'd like to clarify our official view on the matter:

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Taro has made a new for H4 WoW/Equi which makes the immortality potions more expensive. Their cost will be 9900 gold, slightly reducing the player's chance to spam with them. One weakness of H4 was that these potions, in combinations with such skills as Grandmaster Combat with Magic Resistance, made you virtually impossible to kill.

Theree are two separate files for WoW and Equilibris and original files from the game (just in case). The mod was made for the US English version and it might not work with other languages.

Find the mod as a last link below.


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With the Heroes V map editor out, it's a good time to quickly review together our map submission guidelines for Heroes IV and Heroes V:

  • The map needs to be in English.
  • The map needs to be playtested by at least one other person.
  • The map needs to include a readme file with the tester's email address included.

If you can't find a tester, ask for some help in the forums or use our maptesting service. That requirement is meant to increase the odds of having an error-proof map upon publication, even if further updates are often necessary. We reserve the right to reject or remove from the database any incomplete or unplayable map, or any map that contains inappropriate content.

Several Winds of War maps are being tested, and a new map called Circle Sea should be posted during the week-end. If we can help you getting your map published, please let us know.

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The Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Fact Sheet has been expanded with some information about the multiplayer maps of the game, as well as some interesting figures. Also, we now have a separate page for all five multiplayer classes: Archer, Assassin, Knight/Warrior, Mage and Priestess/Healer. Each page includes a large rendered image, a general description and a list of the skills used by each class (they are the same for the Human and the Undead players).

In a few days, we hope to gather more information about the single-player skills and spells. Don't forget that the demo of the game comes out on Tuesday on FilePlanet.

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Don't worry, this isn't some kind of dark prophecy, and it has nothing to do with this morning's news about a potential Ubisoft buyout. Instead, it is the new article by our columnist Corribus, who explains why Ubisoft decided to work on a first-person action game instead of a traditional role-playing game.
"The fact of the matter is that action games, and particularly, first-person shooters, are among the biggest-ticket items in the electronic games arena, and have been for years. That’s not to say that RPGs are not popular -- but popularity is harder to achieve for individual RPGs because they are consistently held to a higher standard of excellence than more action-oriented games."

According to you, is Ubisoft handling the Might and Magic license the right way? Will you be tempted to give an action game a try? As usual, post your comments at the bottom of the article. By the way, Corribus' previous series of articles, On the Ethical Question of Cloning, can be found here.

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One of the interesting features of the previous Heroes game was its extensive use of creature abilities. Every single creature had an ability of its own, a departure from the Heroes III system where some creatures were different in the statistical area only. We're not sure yet which path Heroes V will follow, but some of its abilities look promising. As a follow-up to the article on racial abilities a week ago, Ubisoft revealed today the special abilities of six creatures, one from each faction, and screenshots to show what they look like in action. The summary has been reprinted here.

The six abilities are variations of abilities that have been seen in previous games. However, the animations appear to be gorgeous, and will show you what your video card is capable of.

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To be honest, it might be a bit early to discuss the best strategies when playing the Heroes of Might and Magic V factions. With the open beta under way and the possibility of seeing the game delayed a little, the creature statistics and their abilities are very likely to change before the game goes gold. However, testers who just installed the game might need a little help getting started, especially since the game includes no documentation at this point. Infiltrator took care of the task and wrote a very detailed strategy guide for the Dungeon town. He discusses the pros and cons of the town, describes all seven creatures and explains how elemental chains work. The article originally appeared on the official forums, but the new version you will find here has been edited and decorated with a few screenshots. Thanks to Infiltrator for his good work -- we hope he will play with the other towns as well.

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