JVC Creature QuestJon Van Caneghem's new game, Creature Quest, now has its own website and a trailer. Currently available "Down Under", you can sign up to the site to keep tabs on the development and further availability.
Creature Quest is a mobile game designed for iOS, and can be downloaded from iTunes.


Creature Quest is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, and Hong Kong. You can subscribe on its page, to let you know when game will be released in another regions.

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We're ending the year with a bang! The Celestial Heavens review of Heroes VII is finally complete.

I hope you enjoy it.

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The Lost Tales of Axeoth is a set of campaigns for Heroes VII, made by Julien "Marzhin" Pirou and based on earlier (but unused) scripts for Heroes IV created by storyteller Terry B. Ray. Post-poned slightly from the original plan, the first of the two campaigns will be released in February 2016, containing 5 Academy maps and telling the story of Genevieve Seymour. There is a second campaign in the pipeline too, sporting the Stronghold faction.

Weaving stories from the pre-Ubisoft universe into the world of Ashan is something map makers have done in the past, but this is the first time such maps are coming from an official source. Getting these extra maps will no doubt get the fans excited.

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From all of us to all of you, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year - may there be many good games and films under the tree for you.


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I'm grazing the Internet and looking for good deals for Christmas; it is customary for shops (both online and retail) to have sales in December since they are looking to take advantage of people's shopping sprees, and because they don't want to have superfluous stock as the year ends.

So far..

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MMH7 coverWith our past contributors currently unavailable, I am putting together this game's walkthroughs myself. Now I know how much work is involved. Phew.

So far, I'm about half-way. On our walkthroughs page we now have the campaigns for Haven, Academy and Stronghold listed. Next on my playlist is Necropolis.

The walkthroughs are fairly simple and don't contain any sort of advanced strategy for the individual factions. If you would like to contribute something like that to our site, feel free to contact me.

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Several online shops have started their annual "Black Friday" sale - maybe there is a chance to pick up some goodies at a lowered price? Amazon are running their usual Black Friday week, as I type have a sale on GalCiv II and are likely to set up more sales as we approach the weekend, BestBuy are launching a BF sale as well, and the UBiShop have flash deals - although I'm not sure these are BF related.


Could there be a sale on Heroes VII coming up? Let us know if you spot it!

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The developers have announced the release of patch 1.5, which will include some additional contents in addition to the customary bugfixes:

There will be 2 new maps, 5 new neutrals and 12 new heroes (2 per faction). The neutrals are the Kappa, the Mermaid, two Elementals (dark and light) and the Shadow Panther.

Full descriptions here.

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newshornIn Limbic's latest blog post, entitled "The Road Ahead", the developers take the opportunity to thank the fans for all the help and feedback about improving the game. Patch 1.4 is coming out in a few days, with the goal of mending game-breaking bugs and taking care of some of the most wanted fixes.

In it, they also sketch out the various improvements that are coming in the future:

  • Multiplayer improvements
  • Graphics changes to make the game more pleasing to the eye,
  • the introduction of a tutorial,
  • Optimization:
    • reduction in memory usage,
    • reduced loading times,
    • balancing,
  • Editor improvements, including a future Steam workshop.

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